Get Out Of The Flesh



The world is in a state of turmoil, as some would interpret it to be.    Marriages are falling apart.  Children are becoming more rebellious than ever.  The governmental system is questionable.  Selfish and Idolatrous lifestyle is everywhere.   Injustices, unfaithfulness, un-forgiveness, lying, killing, hatred and strife have shown their ugly faces; Options are far and few.   Many people have lost hope in their government, family and more painfully, their churches.  Many are turning to things that provide no hope at all.


Amid all these hopeless riots and wonders, Jacqueline heard the voice of the All Mighty calling.  She believes he is calling his people out of a failing system back into a place of rest.  The call is to get out of the flesh.  This flesh is more than what meets the eye.  In this book, Jacqueline had written the revelation concerning the flesh as The All Mighty had revealed to her through his words. She also emphasized on the urgency of the calling that she believes he is uttering in such a time as this.

This is a spiritual call to the souls of mankind.


Cost $11.99 

Email, Phone: (678) 622-9170

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