CBL Ministry

CBL Director: Jacqueline Robinson

Between work, family, school and just everyday living, it is a struggle for us to get up on Sunday morning for service or even make it out to any other services during the week.  Our mind would have us to believe that if we just make it in time for the praise and worship or for the message then all is well.  But how do we know if the Lord accepts our praises when we praise him?  How do we know if we are praising him the way we should?  Do we really understand the message when the pastor preaches?  Are we able to withstand the wilds of the devil or does he have us tossing to and fro in life?  Wouldn’t it be an awesome thing to give God what he expects of us?

Why should you attend Sunday school and Bible Study?

It is through our relationship with God that we are able to know and to do what he expects of us.  How can we build that relationship with God?  We can only do so by reading, studying and applying the word of God in our life.  Sunday school and bible studies play a very vital role in the nurturing, nourishing, growth and development of the word of God in a believer’s life.  It is through Sunday school and bible studies that we learn of God’s promises for us, his expectation of us, how to over come temptation and finding and living our purpose in life.

It is very sad that some of us have been going to church for many years and we are yet to build a personal relationship with God.  We at Covenant Church invite you to join us in our Sunday school and bible study meetings.  Our Sunday school classes are exciting, challenging, and very rewarding.  Our bible study meetings are very anointed.  You can’t afford to miss a meeting.

Our vision

Our vision of God’s people is to help them to:  read and develop their understanding of the word of God; build that relationship with Him; tap into the His blessings; understanding who they are in Christ; experience spiritual growth and to be able to share the Gospel.




For further information please feel free to contact Sister Jacqueline Robinson at cbl@covenant77.org

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