Covenant Women



The purpose of this work is to evangelize and disciple women into God’s original plan for their lives.  Through aid and support, the Women’s Ministry is responsible for helping with the spiritual life and growth of others.  In knowing and understanding our purpose in the Kingdom, God allows us to co-labor with Him in His Divine Plan.

Our main focus is to serve and assist the Household of Faith, disciple women in the Kingdom of God and witness to the lost.  Our service to the local assembly includes aiding the Pastor and other offices in the House of God.  We desire to unite, share and care for women of different cultures, denominations and age groups by teaching them how to seek the Lord through prayer, the study of His Word, witness and fellowship.  We pray that all whose hearts are for the Lord find help in and through the Women’s Ministry.  In the word’s of Watchman Nee, “The call is to feed the lambs beside the shepherds’ tents.”

Mission Statement

Helping women to build a deeper relationship with God and with one another.


  • To develop a disciplined prayer and devotional life.
  • To know and begin using our spiritual gifts.
  • To function within the context of a local church fellowship and outreach to Mission Field.
  • To strengthen relationships with husbands, families and friends and to develop positive parenting skills.
  • To renew mindsets by way of God’s Word in order to fulfill His call individually and universally.
  • To bridge gaps with other women, churches and cultures.

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